Ffreedom is what lies at the heart of our nation’s beginning and story.

It also exists within each one of us.



I first experienced ffreedom last year when we touched down in Phoenix.

Everything was so open.

So unlimited.

So free.

Opportunity was literally everywhere.

All you had to do was go for it and grab it.

It seemed like nothing at all could stop us, that we could run forever

Without a hint of tire,

Without any delay.


That’s what ffreedom is all about.

Being able to spread your wings.

Being able to stretch your legs.

And that’s why it calls for celebration

because not everyone affords that luxury.

Not everyone lives in America.

Not everyone eats 3 meals a day.

Not everyone drives a Benz.

So be free for those who aren’t as lucky.

Because what you have is precious.

Because what you have was died for.